Statement of Qualification

KT Services Inc. has been a Pacificorp / Rocky Mountain Power Contractor since 2004. We specialize in underground and aerial Fiber Optic installation. Our team consists of 5 FOA (Fiber Optic Association) Certified Fiber Optic Technicians (CFOT) Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Splicing (CFOS/S) and Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/ Testing (CFOS/T).

KT Services Inc. has installed Fiber Optic Cable in 50+ Substations located in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

In 2009 and 2010, KT Services Inc. Contracted with Populus Terminal Transmission Partners (PTTP) to install a 140 mile Fiber Optic line that stretched from Downey, Idaho to Salt Lake City, Utah. PTTP was a partnership between, Black and Veatch, Henkels and McCoy and Kiewit Line Constructors. As Sub Contractors we installed all underground Fiber Optic Installations into Substations and Line Crossings, Underground Distribution Crossings, as well as Secondary Power for FAA Lighting on transmission poles.

Our Company works with the owner team, from design and construction to develop the right solution for a complete and operable Fiber Optic Network, or Electrical System. Our philosophy is to enhance the success of the project and all its teams’ members. We are committed to honoring deadlines, budgets, quality, and safety.

At KT Services Inc. Safety is our #1 goal. We have not had a lost time accident in our business’ history.